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Sexism in Academic Hiring — A Myth? (updated)

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences produced findings that appear to show that hiring practices in certain fields are not biased against women. Here is the paper’s “significance” summary:

The underrepresentation of women in academic science is typically attributed, both in scientific literature and in the media, to sexist ..


The Philosophy Shop

The Philosophy Foundation, an educational charity in the UK, is trying to set up a community space in South-East London to bring philosophy to younger students and the broader community, to be called “The Philosophy Shop.”  A lot of their work is done in school classrooms, but they would like to be able to continue their work after the school day is done, as well as..


Do Not “Do Not Cite or Circulate”

Lee Anne Fennell, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, has written a short and amusing paper entitled “Do Not Cite or Circulate.” It’s directed at legal academics, but applies just as well to philosophers. From the opening paragraph:

Law professors, who are generally quite enamored of their own words and not especially reluctant to toss around the..

Philosophy and Depression

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Philosophy and Depression

In the wake of Peter Railton’s Dewey Lecture, I have been asked to create a space on Daily Nous for philosophers to share their experiences of depression and other forms of mental illness. Discussion of the personal and professional challenges confronting those afflicted by these conditions, ways in which the behavior of others affected your experiences in this rega..


Mulhall on Philosophy and Culture

This past October, Stephen Mulhall (Oxford), delivered the Grahame Lock Memorial Lecture, and it contains interesting reflections on philosophy and its significance in the broader culture:

Sometimes philosophy finds that its own continued existence does not matter to anyone else… But philosophers shouldn’t deny their own responsibility for this fate. For how many..


1. Simon Blackburn gives us his version of a “kids, these days, let me tell you” cranky rant about selfies, which he saves only by saying we should respond to the vanity and conceit and narcissism encouraged in today’s society with mockery. Seems to me, though, that only someone completely full of himself would attempt such a sweeping characterization of contemporary culture (ba dum dum). But seriously, inferring increased vanity amongst a population because they now have the technology to quickly take and widely share photos of themselves, and so take and share those photos, is like inferring increased hunger amongst a population because they now have food to eat, and eat it. Oy, what am I doing? Sorry–just look at me spout off. No seriously, look at me. Look at me! Or look at a review of Blackburn’s new book, Mirror, Mirror, in The Chronicle.


1. A symposium at Boston Review called “Against Empathy,” featuring Paul Bloom, Peter Singer, Nomy Arpaly, Barbara Fried, Jesse Prinz, and others.
2. “Imagine that women are proportionately represented in the journals we are discussing…. Could there be any reason for ensuring that more papers by women are published in these journals? Possibly, yes, for two reasons,” says Meena Krishnamurthy (Manitoba), at Philosop-her.
3. Brian Leiter (Chicago) discusses the Salaita case on the television show, “Chicago Tonight.”
4. I don’t know what’s up with Forbes and all of their articles on philosophy lately but here’s another one, this time on philosophy of biology, focusing on the work of Peter Godfrey-Smith (CUNY).
5. “My view is that… all children should, without exception, be encouraged to think critically – and thus philosophically – even about the moral and religious beliefs they bring with them into the classroom. Religious parents should not be able to opt out.” Stephen Law on philosophy and religion in public schools.
6. Joshua Foa Dienstag (UCLA) on pessimism in True Detective.
7. While we’re on television, here’s a piece on Machiavelli, Plato, and Socrates in Game of Thrones.
. How to avoid annoying your professor (should we send this to our students?).
9. “I take joy very seriously, and partying is the formal pursuit of celebration itself.” Andrew WK and the philosophy of partying.
10. Summer vacation for academics.


Moral Philosopher Busts Fraudster

Jonathan Glover (KCL) can add “crime-fighter” to his list of accomplishments. The Hampstead & Highgate Express reports: 

A fraudster is facing jail after a bungled attempt to dupe a world-renowned philosopher into handing over his bank cards. Nishathur Chowdhury was arrested at the Primrose Hill home of Professor Jonathan Glover, a best-selling author and leading mor..


What Do Philosophy Majors Do? LinkedIn’s Answer

LinkedIn, a service I am familiar with largely through doing battle with its hydra-like emailing, has a feature called “Field of Study Explorer.” Its aim is to provide information to would be college students about the kinds of jobs and employers different majors end up with. Of course, what the service really tells you is what kinds of jobs and employers that diffe..