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Philosophy Tag

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Philosophy Tag

Hey, remember Philosophy Tag? It died down in the middle of last year—it’s okay, things happen—but I think it’s a good way to draw attention to interesting or useful philosophical work, so I am reviving it.

For those who don’t recall, here is how it works. Like any game of tag, there’s an it.  When you’re it, you have two weeks to do the following: choose an ..

When To Quit Academia (Ought Experiment)

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When To Quit Academia (Ought Experiment)

Welcome back to Ought Experiment! Today’s question is from a full professor that has done everything right, built a successful career, and yet finds her/himself miserable in professional philosophy. S/he wants to know whether it’s just a case of burnout or whether it’s time to go:

Dear Louie,


I have been a professor for almost 20 years. I’ve worked h..


Name-Blind Hiring

The BBC reports that

Leading companies and universities are being asked to remove names from application forms in an effort to stop “unconscious bias” against potential recruits from black and ethnic minority backgrounds… Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that Ucas, the UK’s university admissions service, will carry out “name-blind” applications from 2..