Posting About / During The Pandemic

Dear Readers,

The novel coronavirus pandemic is causing death, sickness, anxiety, stress, isolation, and major disruptions to work and to personal lives around the world. Many of you reading this are currently in very challenging circumstances, compounded by the now vivid uncertainty of what life will be like in the months to come. I wish you all the best during these difficult times.

Like many of you, I have asked myself what I should be doing during this time. I’m trying to stay in my home as much as possible now, so as to avoid catching the virus or transmitting it to others, I’ve checked in on some neighbors who might need some help (while maintaining a safe “social distance”), and I’ve made a modest donation to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. Of course, I’ve been following the medical and political news about this a lot, trying to stay informed.

I’ve also been thinking about what I should be doing now with Daily Nous. Despite some requests, I have refrained from posting about general news and information regarding the pandemic because there are other, better news outlets for that and others with more expertise who can direct people to what in the mass of news and research is worth drawing attention to.

Instead, I’ve covered:

  • how philosophy departments and universities have been affected by the pandemic
  • suggestions for how to handle the various aspects of our jobs online, instead of in-person
  • concerns and speculation about how our professional environment may change as a result of the pandemic
  • how philosophy might help us think about or address aspects of the pandemic

I’ve tried to remember to tag these posts with “coronavirus” so you can see them here.

Some more posts in line with the above are in the works, and I am open to suggestions, either for specific topics to address within the categories above, or new categories to think about, or services I can provide in virtue of the reach of Daily Nous.

So consider this an invitation to you to share your ideas as to how I can make good use of DN during this time. You can do so in the comments or, if you prefer, by email to [email protected] (though please understand that I’ve been getting a fair amount of messages lately, and between that and other responsibilities, it may take me a little while to reply—my apologies to those currently waiting for emails back from me!).

I appreciate your help. Take care.


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