PhilPapers Planning to Conduct 2nd Survey of Philosophers in December

David Bourget (Western University) and David Chalmers (NYU), the creators of PhilPapers and related sites, are planning a sequel to their 2009 survey of the philosophical views of professional philosophers for this December.

Laurie Frick, “Sleeping in Pink” (detail)

In a post at PhilPeople, Professor Chalmers says that they’re now seeking input regarding the questions that should be on the survey:

We’ll probably ask the thirty main questions from the 2009 PhilPapers Survey (for longitudinal purposes) plus an additional ten questions or so that go to everyone (in part to cover areas missing from the original survey and recently active topics), and perhaps an additional hundred question or so that go to a random sample of respondents (perhaps including some that are specific to areas of specialization). We’ll probably stay with the original form of the questions: “X: Y or Z”, with a choice between 2-4 options. We’re aiming to expand the main target population to cover something like everyone with a Ph.D. in philosophy teaching in a philosophy department in the English-speaking world, though others are welcome to take the survey, and we will also break down the statistics in some other ways. All suggestions are welcome!

A public discussion group has been created at PhilPeople to solicit suggestions. Discussion is welcome here, too.

(I think a couple of additional questions in metaphilosophy would be interesting and informative, for example, on whether philosophers think philosophy makes progress, and on whether philosophers think that the ultimate point of philosophy is to answer philosophical questions.)

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