Etiquette & Strategy for Switching Jobs and Outside Offers

A philosophy professor writes in with questions about when to let one’s current institution know one may be pursuing employment elsewhere, being recruited by other schools, and fielding offers.

He writes:

For a tenured faculty member who is either applying to other jobs, or being recruited by another university, at what point should one let
others at one’s current department know? It seems there are early stages at which it might not be appropriate to mention because there
is as yet nothing concrete. It seems that there might be somewhat different answers depending on the reason one is considering a move,
and whether one is more inclined towards taking the offer or looking for a retention package. Are there norms when it’s too late to talk to
the chair or dean?

Readers, please share your experiences with and thoughts on this. Thanks.

Kerri Harding, “Murmuration”

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