Advice for Mental and Physical Self-Care

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A reader has requested “a post about soliciting physical and mental health tips for overworked early career scholars (or any scholar, really).” 

This person suffered a serious health issue following a season of applying for jobs and working on grants. She writes:

After I shared my story, many senior scholars came out with their own overwork–>illness stories, and shared resources such as meditation tapes, workout routines, even gratitude journals I have a feeling now that success in this line of work depends heavily on good self-care skills. If such “soft” skills can be shared, that would be wonderful for our profession, wouldn’t it?

She adds that in conversations she has had on this subject, she has “found it helpful to ask people for their personal stories… about overcoming disease and set-backs, or how taking time for self-care really helped in the long run.”

Please share your suggestions and stories. Thank you.

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Norihiko Terayama, “Crust of the Polygon”

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