Philosophy Targeted at Lebanon Valley College

Administrators at Lebanon Valley College, a liberal arts college in central Pennsylvania, are currently considering an “academic restructuring” plan that will eliminate its philosophy major.

According to an informational page, the plan

recommends discontinuing the following low-enrollment majors: French, German, philosophy, and religion. Courses will be taught in at least some of these disciplines, but the majors would no longer be available to incoming students starting with the Fall 2020 incoming class. 

There are no plans to terminate any tenured faculty, but no comment was made regarding tenure-track faculty, lecturers, and adjuncts.

Here is the criteria used in deciding which programs to propose discontinuing:

a) First-time, full-time enrollments in majors under 10
b) Three-year Enrollment Funnel Trends (2016-2018)
c) Full-time majors at census under 10
d) Retention in first major below 80%
e) Completions in majors below five (completions captured migrations from other majors)
f) Load hours per full-time faculty full-time equivalent at 450 or lower (average is 560)
g) Low enrollment in upper-level courses below seven
h) High school programs and levels of interest in areas of study
i) Reduction or re-assignment of full-time positions on faculty retirement
j) Other variables specific to the major

There are currently 2 philosophy majors in the school.

There’s more information here and a brief article about the cuts at Inside Higher Ed.

The Lebanon Valley College Mascot, the Dutchman, who is angered at the prospect of a liberal arts college lacking a philosophy major.



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