Joffrey Baratheon Plans to Become a Philosophy Professor

King Joffrey had a hard time ruling Westeros, but will that be anything compared to his quest to become a philosophy professor?

[Note: apparently this is old and outdated news. Thanks to a commenter for pointing this out. I’m leaving it up in the hopes that people make some good GoT-related jokes.]

19-year-old actor Jack Gleeson, who plays the spoiled, psychopathic tyrant Joffrey Baratheon on the HBO show Game of Thrones, is a second-year student studying philosophy and theology at Trinity College. He was just made a scholar there on account of having “demonstrated exceptional knowledge and understanding,” according to The Irish Independent.

Gleeson says that once Game of Thrones ends, he will likely not continue in professional acting. “I’d like to be an academic, a philosophy lecturer if possible,” he says.

He added: “I know academic offices aren’t much but let me tell you, that Iron Throne does a number on your back.”

He added: “Everyone thinks Uncle Tyrion is the real philosopher in the family, but ‘I drink and I know things’ is not philosophy! I’ll show him. I’ll show everyone.”

He added: “I’ve been following the philosophy blogosphere lately and I think the role of Joffrey has prepared me well for the discipline.”

He added: “My mother was upset that this career would probably take me far from home and she was like, ‘You should just take a job at King’s Landing University!’ even though I’ve explained to her that’s not how it works. She’s like, ‘Let me handle it.’ Ugh. Moms.”

Source: The Irish Independent, via Helen de Cruz.

(Oh, and for those interested in Game of Thrones and philosophy, there’s this and this.)

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