Submitting Book Proposals to Multiple Presses at Once

A reader writes in with a question about book publishing:

What are the norms in academia regarding submitting book proposals to multiple publishers at once? Is it is done? Should it be allowed (or encouraged)? And, if it is done, does one (should one) let the publishers know you’re doing it? Does it make a difference whether it is a mere proposal being submitted or a whole manuscript? Does it make a difference whether the proposal is being submitted to academic or non-academic presses?

Editors, please let us know your views. If you’re an author who has simultaneously submitted book proposals to multiple presses, or looked into it, please share what you’ve learned. Thanks!

Also, readers may be interested in this post from 2015: “Answers from Academic Publishers.” While the foregoing questions are not addressed in it, many other book publishing questions are.

Nasreen Mohamedi, untitled

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