NYU and Pitt To Waive PhD Application Fees For Some Students

The philosophy departments at New York University and the University of Pittsburgh, as well as the Department of  History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) at Pittsburgh, will be waiving the fee for applications to their PhD programs for some students.

Jessica Moss (NYU) and Edouard Machery (Pitt, HPS) write:

There are now several well-established initiatives aimed at addressing the lack of diversity of philosophy. To support these efforts, NYU and Pitt have recently decided to waive application fees related to their PhD programs in Philosophy (NYU and Pitt) and in History and Philosophy of Science (Pitt) for students who participated to these initiatives. We suspect other schools have similarly waived their application fees and we invite them to advertise their efforts in the comments thread.

If your department is or soon will be waiving application fees for its graduate programs, please do share the details in the comments here.

Mister E, “Benny Jr.”, “Independence Hall”

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