Philosophers’ Graves Need Restoration

The graves of several philosophers are in need of restoration.

Tamer Nawar, assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Groningen, took photos of the tombstones of G.E. Moore, Frank Ramsey, and Elizabeth Anscombe and Peter Geach.

The graves of G.E. Moore, Frank Ramsey, and Elizabeth Anscombe and Peter Geach are in need of restoration.

Professor Nawar wrote in about the need for the restoration and upkeep of the grave sites and was wondering whether readers of Daily Nous had any ideas about how to accomplish this. Perhaps some philosophical society, or Cambridge University, would want to make the needed arrangements.

He writes:

I’m not entirely sure how one would go about doing it (any advice welcome), but the project would require: (a) some money; (b) some legal know-how; and perhaps also (c) a local person on the scene.

He also said that he spoke with a stone-cutter, Eric Marland, who was involved in the restoration of Wittgenstein’s grave by the British Wittgenstein Society, and suggested he might be someone that an interested party could contact for advice.

Suggestions welcome.

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