Mills College Plans To Eliminate Philosophy Department

Following up on the report about the threat to philosophy at Mills College: the Board of Trustees and administration at Mills announced late yesterday afternoon the details of its “Financial Stabilization Plan” and it includes laying-off both Marc Joseph, a tenured full professor, and Jay Gupta, a tenured associate professor, who together comprise the entire philosophy faculty at the school. 

Mills College, which at the undergraduate level only accepts women students, describes itself as offering “a renowned liberal arts education” and boasts that it “has been setting the standard for quality in liberal arts education for more than 160 years.” It is unclear how the administration’s plan to eliminate its philosophy faculty is consistent with this vision of the school.

Professor Joseph writes that he is “sad beyond words”—not just for the threat to his career, “but for what the College is losing—our great intellectual tradition—Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Spinoza, Kant, etc. etc. No one left at the Mills can teach these authors.”

Readers are encouraged to write letters to the chair of the Board of Trustees of Mills College, Katie Sanborn ([email protected]) and the complete Board of Trustees ([email protected]) to protest the plan.


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