New Faculty Salary Data

The 2016-17 edition of the American Association of University Professors’ Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession has been released. It provides a wealth of information about faculty salaries in the United States.

Inside Higher Ed does a good job summarizing a lot of the pertinent data, and they have a useful tool for searching through the information. Job candidates, especially, may want to have a look at the data there (and also here and here).

The information in this current report is not broken down by discipline, but here are some general findings from IHE’s report:

  • salaries over the past year increased a whopping inflation-adjusted 0.5%
  • the average salary for full-time ranked faculty members was $80,095
  • the average total pay for part-time faculty members at a single institution was $20,508
  • there’s “no evidence of widespread salary inversion or compression, in which junior faculty members make the same or more than their more senior colleagues”
  • Gender-based pay disparities are also evident at all faculty ranks, with male full professors earning $104,493, on average this year, compared to $98,524 for women.
  • As in past years, professors tended to make the most in New England (full-time professor average professor pay: $93,730), the Middle Atlantic ($85,593) and the West (Pacific, $92,891, and Mountain, $74,640). The lowest annual salaries were found in the Midwest ($69,547) and East South Central region ($70,057).
  • There has been steady growth over the past few decades in the proportion of faculty who are part-time employees.

Further information from IHE here.

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