A Philosophy Paper’s Part In A Title IX Lawsuit

A former undergraduate who majored in philosophy at Yale has filed a Title IX lawsuit against the university. The student, a male referred to as “John” in the lawsuit, is suing on grounds of hostile educational environment, sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, erroneous outcome, selective enforcement, 14th Amendment due process, equal protection,and declaratory judgment violations, and breach of contract. John had been the subject of a complaint by a fellow student, Jane, who alleged that he had raped her.

The entire 69-page lawsuit can be found here. Of particular interest may be the section of the lawsuit that details how John was allegedly treated by the university in regards to a philosophy paper that he wrote for a class. I reproduce the relevant pages below:

I remind readers that the foregoing what the plaintiff alleges happened. The entire complaint is here (via Leiter).

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