New Blog from Librarian at Harvard’s Robbins Library of Philosophy

Eric Johnson-DeBaufre, the librarian for the Robbins Library of Philosophy at Harvard University, has started Philosophy in the Margin, a new blog “devoted to philosophical and other sorts of readers’ marginalia, as well as to topics that occupy the margins between philosophy and other disciplines. Also to banjos.”

In his inaugural post, Johnson-DeBaufre previews some of what’s to come:

I hope to entertain readers with some of the materials from our library’s recently created marginalia collection, a collection that includes readers’ marks and annotations left by philosophers such as William James, Josiah Royce, George Santayana, Charles Sanders Peirce, and many others. Along with these will also be the interesting and sometimes amusing marginalia left by the many anonymous readers who have passed through the library’s doors.

Check it out!

(via Daniel J. Brunson)


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