Philosophers Against Malaria: Get Your Department Involved

A group of philosophy graduate students at Rutgers University have set up an inter-department competitive fundraiser for the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF). The fundraiser starts today and will run through December 15th.

You can learn more about the event here. To set up your own department’s team, go here and click “sign up” (it’s free). Then go to the Philosophers Against Malaria Crowdrise Event Page. Click “Start Your Own Fundraiser.” Put your department’s name in as the Fundraiser Title. Set your goal for whatever you like, but consider pasting the event’s description as your own. Use your department’s logo as the image.

Why participate? From the event page:

The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) fights malaria by distributing insecticide-treated mosquito nets. AMF has been rated a top charity by Givewell, Giving What We Can, and The Life You Can Save.

Delivering a net costs just $5.31. For every $3500 we raise, we can prevent one person from dying from malaria. For comparison, the UK’s National Health Service will spend up to £20,000 (over $30,000) for a single year of healthy life saved!

Malaria killed around 438,000 people in 2015. Seventy percent of these deaths are of children under five years old, making malaria one of the leading causes of child mortality in Africa. Even when non-fatal, malaria can damage children’s cognitive development.

Lower malaria rates help more children stay in school and more adults continue working, which stimulates developing economies. For every $1 spent fighting malaria, Africa’s GDP improves by at least $6.75–and by some estimates much more.

Well-designed action against malaria has been shown to be hugely successful: since 2000, mortality rates have fallen by 47 percent globally and by 54 percent in the WHO African Region.

The event page is here, and there’s also a Facebook page for the event.


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