Faculty on Strike at Public Universities and Colleges in Pennsylvania

Faculty at 14 public institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania are on strike owing to a failure in contract negotiations. According to Inside Higher Edthe faculty had been working without a contract in place for 477 days.

Negotiations were stuck mainly on issues concerning pay and health benefits. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that there are approximately 110,000 students across the fourteen campuses, which remain open. The striking union has over 5,000 professors and coaches, according to The New York Times.  “It’s not clear how many faculty members are participating in the strike, but many students reported on social media that their classes were not being taught,” reports IHE.

Philosophy faculty and students affected by the strike are encouraged to share relevant information here in the comments.

photo credit: Darrell Sapp/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

photo credit: Darrell Sapp/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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