Grad Students: What Would You Tell Your Prof(s), But Can’t?

In the wake of last week’s post about what graduate students wish they had known going into their programs, a fellow philosophy professor suggested I ask a related question:

Graduate students, what would you like to tell your professor(s) right now, but can’t?

Dear Professor Post Card

Given the sensitive nature of this question, I’m going to relax the commenting requirements. Normally, as per the comments policy (which you should go look at if you haven’t in a while… seriously, we’ll wait… [checks Twitter] …still waiting) you are required to either sign in via social media by clicking on one of the symbols above the comment box—

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—or by entering in a name (or pseudonym) and an accurate email address. For this thread only, if you choose not to sign in and wish to not use a real email address, you may use “[email protected]” or a clearly fake one of your choosing. You are welcome to use a pseudonym, but don’t use one that has “anonymous” or “anon” in it.

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UPDATE: See the related post, “Profs: What Would You Tell Your Grad Students, But Can’t?

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