The Focus on Minutiae

Clifford Sosis (Coastal Carolina) has published a new interview at his What Is It Like To Be A Philosopher? site, this time with Florida State University’s David McNaughton.

The interview ranges over a wide range of aspects of McNaughton’s life, work, and views, and there are a few provocative claims in there, including:

Naturalism has reached epidemic proportions in USA, though I have never seen a decent argument for it.

But there was also one little line—apologies for focusing on it, but, well, you know—in response to a question about how he sees the future of philosophy:

I fear that the tendency to focus on minutiae and ignore the big picture will get worse.

I can hear Empedocles, in his day, saying the same thing about the future of chemistry.

Is McNaughton right? Is this a tendency, and is it something to fear?

And if it is a tendency, who are the philosophers today who run counter to it?

The whole interview is here.

Justin Weinberg, "Hibiscus"

Justin Weinberg, “Hibiscus”


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