Data on Philosophy Jobs Advertised Recently

Two sources of information appear to present slightly different figures regarding the number of job openings advertised in philosophy through the American Philosophical Association (APA) and PhilJobs—that is, through PhilJobs: Jobs for Philosophers—in recent years. (See update)

According to data presented by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences (via Robert Townsend), the number of job openings advertised through the APA and PhilJobs in 2014 increased by roughly 20% over the prior year, to around 600. This is still down from a high in 2007 of nearly 1300, and a figure of around 900 in 2004:

Humanities Advertised Jobs 2000-2015

Meanwhile, according to the APA’s Historical Jobs Data page,  in 2014 there were 743 jobs advertised in 2014, and 739 in 2015:

APA Job Ads Data 2

I’m not sure what the explanation for the disparity is.

In related news, the American Academy of Arts & Sciences also reports that there has been a slow and steady increase in the number of faculty employed in “philosophy and religion” (a joint category used by the U.S. Department of Labor), from around 13,000 in 1999 to around 24,000 in 2015:

Humanities employed 1999-2015

UPDATE: In a comment below, Robert Townsend explains the initial discrepancy, which has now been fixed.


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