Daily Nous Turns 2

Daily Nous turns 2 today!

Time flies. I was looking through the old scrapbook the other day and it is amazing how much DN has changed since those first few months…

daily nous early scrapbook

Daily Nous continues to grow. Over the past year it was visited nearly three and a half million times, and there are bunch of new features at the site, as I detailed in the end-of-2015 post.

I’d like to thank those who help make Daily Nous possible, including not only those who write and draw for the site—Louie Generis, Rachel Katler, Tanya Kostochka, Ryan Lake, Pete Mandik, and all of the guest posters—but also those of you who send in links and ideas for posts, and those who follow Daily Nous on Facebook and Twitter, and share posts there, and of course those who contribute to the conversation by commenting here. Thanks, also, to those organizations and individuals that advertise on Daily Nous, as well as John Hunt, who handles IT issues for the site.

Are you wondering what you can get Daily Nous for its birthday?

I didn’t think so. BUT… I’m always curious about what you’d like to see on Daily Nous. So if you have ideas for features, topics, or whatever, feel free to mention them in the comments.

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