$1 Million Philosophy Prize: Nominations Open

The Berggruen Institute’s Philosophy and Culture Center (previously) is now accepting nominations for its one million dollar philosophy prize, to be awarded to “a living thinker whose ideas have deeply influenced society and our way of life.”  The prize is “intended as a life time achievement award for a modern day Socrates.” Nominations are due by May 31st, 2016, and the winner will be announced in October.

From the Institute’s website:

The prize is intended to bring greater attention to the ideas that shape culture, inspire movements and catalyze ideological shifts. The legacy of great thinkers throughout history still permeates our way of life, from the Platonic ideal of a reason-based society and Confucian ideas about social order to the post-Reformation Era ideas of consciousness. Today, numerous prizes are rightly awarded for invention and achievement in science and the arts, but few prizes recognize ideas that have broader philosophical and cultural impact. The Berggruen Philosophy Prize will return attention to profound thinking with the recognition and support deserved for their globally significant contribution. Thinkers from all languages, religions and/or philosophical traditions are welcome. A diverse, independent jury of leading thinkers will consider nominations and select the awardees.

More details here.

Any predictions?

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