Reply from Jean-Yves Beziau re: Synthese Controversy

Jean-Yves Beziau has written asking me to share a link to his reply to criticisms of his article, “The Relativity and Universality of Logic,” and the controversy regarding Synthese’s publishing of it. The editors-in-chief of Synthese explained earlier this week that Beziau’s article was published without having gone through the proper editorial process.

Beziau’s response is long and wide-ranging, punctuated with asides, photos, music videos, complaints about political correctness, ruminations on feminity, menstruation, and the differences between men and women, thoughts on sexiness, disparagements of argument (in comparison to “proof”), testimony from others, self-congratulation for being above taking legal action against Daily Nous (for what?) and other sites, and more.

You can read the whole thing here.

Beziau Reply

(a zoomed-out screenshot of part of Beziau’s reply to the controversy about his recent article in Synthese)

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