Missouri Philosophy Issues Statement on Controversy over Racist Incidents (two updates)

The University of Missouri’s governing board is holding a meeting this morning to decide how to respond to calls by students and others for its president, Tim Wolfe, to resign. The calls for Wolfe’s resignation follow a number of racist incidents at the university over the past few months and are a response to the perceived lack of a satisfactory response to these incidents by the university administration. In addition, a student has launched a hunger strike, student group “Concerned Student 1950” started a boycott of the university’s services, and the football team has refused to play any games until Wolfe steps down or is removed.

A helpful timeline of events is here, and more generally The Missourian is a helpful source of information about events at the university.

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Missouri has issued the following statement on Facebook:

The Department of Philosophy recognizes and supports the Mizzou student activists who are advocating for institutional change at the University of Missouri. We are concerned about the mental and physical health of our students and their personal safety as this crisis continues. We stand ready to work with students, faculty, and administrators to create the institutional change needed.

An instructor in the department, meanwhile, writes in with a request to Daily Nous readers:

In light of the current protests at University of Missouri and Yale University related to the racial climate on campus, it is urgent for faculty and graduate instructors within and beyond these campuses to address these issues in class. Do the readers have any reading, writing, and/or discussion assignments or activities to suggest?

Suggestion and comments welcome.

University Missouri

UPDATE: Tim Wolfe has resigned.

UPDATE 2: Stephanie Hull, a graduate student at the University of Missouri, passes along a message (in a comment below) from the philosophy graduate students there:

The Graduate Students of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Missouri stand in solidarity with campus student activists. We have been dealing with a number of issues on our campus that have impacted each of us personally and professionally. It has impacted ourselves, our colleagues and our friends. But, we feel optimistic about the current and coming changes. These changes are, in large part, due to the hard work, dedication, and bravery of committed individuals and organizations. We are proud of our peers and proud of our community. We look forward to working with undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, university staff, and administrators to create lasting institutional change.

Ms. Hull also reports that the chancellor of the university will be stepping down in January.

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