Al Mele Interviewed at “What Is It Like…?”

Clifford Sosis (Coastal Carolina) continues his series of interviews at “What Is It Like To Be A Philosopher?” (previously) with Florida State University’s Al Mele. A synopsis:

In this interview, Al Mele talks about his early love of sports (especially football), games and reading, being an East Detroit greaser, getting a football scholarship, being disinterested in school and how having kids as an undergrad changed his perspective, doing odd jobs to make ends meet, how he choose between majoring in English and Philosophy, the role dumb luck played in his decision to go to grad school, his dissertation (ancient philosophy), how commenting on a paper got him interested in self-deception, his surprising emotional response to the publication of his first book, how he become more interested in free will, how philosophy can strengthen the will, how he felt when Dan Dennett accused him of changing his views to garner the favor of the Templeton foundation, why a younger version of himself would be surprised he’s doing what he’s doing now, how experimental philosophy can show traditional philosophers are wrong, the saddest moment of his career, his concerns about the future of philosophy, his aversion to curse words and his last meal…

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