Clifford Sosis continues his series at What Is It Like to Be a Philosopher? (previously here, here, and here) with an interview of, uh, me. For the record let it be known that an earlier part of our conversation was omitted from the published version. I include it here:

Sosis: I’m starting an interview series.
Weinberg: Sounds good. Do you have anyone lined up?
Sosis: Not yet, but I think you might be interesting!
Weinberg: Hahaha seriously?

Turns out he was serious.

In the interview you can learn a little about me and my life, mainly as it relates to my development as a philosopher. What might be of broader interest are the parts about criticisms I’ve received in virtue of running Daily Nous, diversity in the profession, and the idea that people need to “toughen up.” There isn’t a comments section at WIILTBAP, so if you want to talk about any of those things feel free to do so in the comments to this post. The interview is here.

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