World’s Largest Philosophy & Music Festival

World’s Largest Philosophy & Music Festival

HowTheLightGetsIn bills itself as “the world’s largest philosophy and music festival.”  With 650 events, 370 acts, and 200 speakers on 9 stages over 11 days, it probably is. It takes place in the town of Hay-on-Wye, about 160 miles or so west of London. The schedule for the festival was recently released, and includes panels and debates with philosophers such as Simon Blackburn, Mark Rowlands, Rae Langton, Peter Hacker, Mary Midgley, John Searle, Nancy Cartwright, Angie Hobbs, Will Kymlicka, Ted Honderich, Chandran Kukathas, John Harris, Michela Massimi, Julian Baggini, Berit Brogaard, Stephen Law, Ray Monk, Paul Boghossian, Simon Glendinning, James Ladyman, Ray Brassier, Bernard Stiegler, and others. There are lots of notable non-philosophers, too (e.g., Paul Krugman, Roger Penrose, Terry Eagleton…). And then there’s the music.

The event is put on by the Institute for Art and Ideas (IAI), a charitable, not-for-profit organisation. They were kind enough to arrange with me a deal for Daily Nous readers: a 10% discount on event tickets purchased before midnight on Friday, the 1st of May (midnight in Hay-on-Wye, that is). To take advantage of this discount, go to the HowTheLightGetsIn site and at the checkout, enter the IAI Security Code DAILYNOUS15. Those interested in supporting the organization can become “Friends of the IAI,” the details of which you can check out here.

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