Bioethicist Live-Tweets Her Son’s Sex-Ed Class (updated)

Alice Dreger, a professor in medical humanities and bioethics at Northwestern, sat in on her son’s sex-ed class at East Lansing High School and live-tweeted commentary about it to the world. The tweets were simultaneously disturbing and hilarious.


Another commenter, Sam Suarez, adds:


Vox has an article on this. Here’s the local paper with a slightly critical take.

(Thanks to Richard Zach for the pointer.)

UPDATE: Professor Dreger has written an article at The Stranger describing the experience.

UPDATE 2: See the comment from Ken, below, whose child, also in the class, confirms Dreger’s account. It begins: “Just to shed some additional light on this, actually my child is one of the students in the class (and I happen to be a Daily Nous reader! Hi!). I don’t know Alice personally, although I do recognize who her son is since our kids have been in school together for years. Her quotes in the tweets are very accurate portrayals of the content of the class much of this week and (according to my kid) might continue into next week.” More here.

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