High Enrollment Philosophy Courses

We, like I’m sure lots of other departments, are suffering from decreasing enrollment numbers. I was wondering if you could do a post asking people about their department’s high-enrollment/bread and butter courses. — a professor who does not care to make his particular department look bad in front of everyone (not that I’m sure it would, but okay).

Are there specific courses your department offers that routinely get high enrollment? In answering, it would be useful if you could note how close that class comes to being a required course for most who take it (that is, does it fulfill a requirement? Is it one of just a few courses offered at any one time that students can take to fulfill the requirement?). More generally, if you have advice based on successes in getting more students to take philosophy courses, it would be great to hear what you did. Does your department reach out to undergraduates with flyers, tabling in well-trafficked areas on campus, visits to high schools, etc.? What has worked?

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