From Ordinary Vandalism to the Philosophical (updated)

From Ordinary Vandalism to the Philosophical (updated)

By now many of you have heard that Kant’s house was spray-painted with the words meaning something like “Kant is an idiot” (the BBC reports that it says “Kant’s a sucker”). The Moscow Times informs us that Kant’s home, in what was known as Prussia but is now Kalingrad, Russia, “is in ruins and has become a hot spot for drinking and debauchery among local youths.”

This is terrible. You figure that if someone was going to spray-paint Kant’s house they would have put a little more thought into it. “Kant is an idiot?” Really? Why not “Spray-painting your house is universalizable”? I don’t know who was responsible for this, but he or she could have done better.

So that such future opportunities are not wasted, I hereby open the thread for suggestions. What should future vandals of Kant’s and other philosophers’ houses say?

UPDATE: Looks like they have a suspect…

Kant Vandalism Hume copy


UPDATE 2: The suspect is saying that no one will ever be able to prove he caused this vandalism.

REAL UPDATE: It appears that officials in Kalingrad are planning to restore Kant’s house. Word has it that, among other repairs, the wall between the dining room and the music parlor will be soundproofed.


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