Karyn Freedman Wins Non-Fiction Award

Karyn Freedman, associate professor of philosophy at the University of Guelph, has won the 2015 British Columbia National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction for her book, One Hour in Paris: A True Story of Rape and Recovery. The award includes a C$40,000 prize. The prize jury said:

Karyn L. Freedman’s One Hour In Paris is a book about rape, but, more than that, it’s a book about our collective failure to address the ways in which sexual violence shames and silences its victims and taints our society as a whole. With stylistic clarity, Freedman, a philosopher, offers a harrowing account of her assault and its repercussions, and then moves on to an analysis of why sexual violence is both pervasive and under-reported. One Hour in Paris is a slim book but a powerful one, and has the potential to catalyze the kind of dialogue that can lead to social change.

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