The Philosophy Shop

The Philosophy Foundation, an educational charity in the UK, is trying to set up a community space in South-East London to bring philosophy to younger students and the broader community, to be called “The Philosophy Shop.”  A lot of their work is done in school classrooms, but they would like to be able to continue their work after the school day is done, as well as on weekends and holidays, in their own place–“Bringing good thinking to the high-street with philosophy, games, stories, books and events for young brains, old brains and brains in vats.”

To do this, they have started a Crowdfunder campaign to spread awareness of their mission and to raise support. After having been in operation for seven years, The Philosophy Foundation has a lot of great ideas for what they would do with “the shop.” I strongly encourage you to visit the page, find out more, and make a donation. Introducing philosophy to younger students and engaging philosophically in the broader community are essential elements in their being a future for academic philosophy.

You can also follow The Philosophy Foundation on Facebook.

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