Philosophical Non-Academic Jobs

A graduate student writes in asking for suggestions of “careers that might be especially ‘philosophy friendly’. By that I mean careers that either have employers who typically value the skills developed and areas of research explored in the study of philosophy or allow someone who studied philosophy to do something semi-related they might enjoy.”

He adds, “I’m thinking that someone who was interested in the more formal side of philosophy might be able to leverage their strong background in math logic in some sort of a programming role (maybe natural language processing for someone with more of language interest). Being able to utilize their formal training in their job might also make such a career one they’d be more likely to enjoy. For someone willing to go to law school, I’ve often been told law is a good fit.”

If you have suggestions for non-academic positions that might be a good match  for philosophical training (generally or for particular areas of specialization), please share  them in the comments.

Also, don’t forget our listing of Non-Academic Hires and the earlier post on what departments can do to help those who are seeking to leave academia.

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