Philosophical Delight in the Classroom

Philosophical Delight in the Classroom

One thing that makes us different from most of our undergraduate students is that we really enjoy philosophy and they do not. It may drive us to frustration and despair sometimes, but, generally, we find it interesting and take pleasure in it in a way that is foreign to our students. Yet, every once in a while its possible to get students to catch a glimpse, firsthand, of the fun in philosophy, to have a moment of philosophical delight in the classroom. Wouldn’t it be great to create a lower-level course chock full of such moments?

Let’s do it. Think back to those moments in the classroom where the joy in philosophy was palpable. Tell us as much of the relevant details as you feel like (the topic, the reading, the argument, the insight, the method, the reaction, etc.). With enough contributions, we might be able to craft some kind of superphilosophycourse, or at least add some good stuff to our existing classes.

(art by Keith Haring)

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