For the Money

Graduates with philosophy degrees have “higher earnings potential than many other arts and humanities-related fields,” said TheRichest. Payscale reports midcareer median salaries are $84,000 for your modern day Kant or Descartes. Why? Well, let’s be logical. Which is exactly what philosophy programs require of students … logic. Thinking is hard, it requires analysis, and those who can do it well can get a good job … which is a good philosophy to have.

That’s from a post at Yahoo! Finance evidencelessly titled “A philosophy degree earns more than an accounting degree.” By the way, if you’re wondering who or what “TheRichest” is (I was), it’s a website, and not one that particularly inspires the thought, “rigorous economic analysis.” However, if you want to learn about “13 Former Celeb Best Friends Who Aren’t Friends Anymore” it seems like a good place to go. I could not find the original data at their site, but I did see their lists of The Top Ten Greatest Philosophers in History and The Most Influential Philosophers of the Modern Era. Eh.

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