PhD Program Wikis — Information, Not Rankings (updated)

Shawn Standefer has created a wiki of PhD programs in philosophical logic. It “provides an unranked list of PhD (and (eventually) terminal M.A.) programs that have strengths in philosophical logic. Links are provided to the websites, CVs, and PhilPapers profiles of the relevant faculty at each program. Additionally, when known, the specialties and willingness of faculty members to work with new graduate students are noted. The primary intended audience is prospective or current graduate students with interests in philosophical logic who want to get the lay of the land by seeing who works where, and on what.” (Thanks to Richard Zach, who writes the logic blog LogBlog for the pointer.)

This project was based on the wiki for philosophy of biology PhD programs, which was created by Shawn A. Miller (UC Davis). Mr. Miller is to be applauded for the considerable initiative he showed in developing this wiki project.

These are very good resources, and I encourage their development for other areas of specialization. (Note: you needn’t be named “Shawn” to do this.) If a couple of more are created, I will be happy to create a distinct page linking to all of them.

UPDATE: Shawn Standefer informs me that Shawn Miller has already created a central hub for these wikis here. All we need now are some more spokes.

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