Comment Tech

Comment Tech

I have received the following three complaints and would like to know if the problems they’re about are widespread.

(a) You cannot reply to specific comments (such that your reply appears beneath the comment to which you are replying). To reply to a specific comment, move your mouse cursor over the comment you wish to reply to and a reply link should appear next to the comment’s time stamp. On a phone or tablet, touch the time stamp of the comment you wish to reply to and a reply link should appear next to it. Click that link and type your reply. If you have tried these moves and still cannot reply to specific comments, please let me know.

(b) You cannot “like” or give a thumbs-up to specific comments. Two things here. First, it may take a moment for the “thumbs-up” icons to appear. But second, as a reader pointed out, “AdBlock Plus” or other ad-blocking software may be interfering with the “liking” software. Try turning that off for  your visits to Daily Nous.

(c) Your obviously acceptable comments do not show up on the site. Again, a couple of possibilities here. One is that you may be mistaken about the acceptability of your comments. But second, it may be that your comment has automatically been declared as spam and swept from my view. If you are puzzled by your comments not showing up, please send me an email and, time permitting, I will get back to you to let you know if it had been caught in the spam filter or what.

If you have experienced any of these issues or other related ones, please let me know. Suggestions welcome.

Thank you.

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