How Much Should Graduate Students Publish?

How Much Should Graduate Students Publish?

A current graduate student writes in with this sense of what is expected nowadays:

I’m under the general impression that I need to get as many publications in top journals as I can before I go on the job market. Considering how slow this process can be, and the fact that you can’t concurrently submit the same paper to more than one journal, it follows that I need to start publishing as early as possible.

And a request for information:

It would be nice to know, in general, how many philosophers have published by year 1, 2, 3, … N of their graduate programs. You’d maybe want to limit it to a certain subset of journals, like the top 20 by the Google Scholar metric or something like that. Ideally, this could all be cross-referenced with job outcomes after graduation (e.g. Adjunct, post-doc, VAP, TT), as well as some way to control for institutional “prestige.” But even just knowing how much people are publishing during their grad careers would be helpful.

If someone out there among the Daily Nous readership wants to construct an easy way to solicit and compile that information—a survey of sorts—go to it and I will happily link to it. In the meanwhile, it may help if readers conveyed their experiences and opinions in the comments here, or took up a discussion of the “general impression” for the need for multiple early publications.

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