Site Redesign (updated)

Site Redesign (updated)

If you are reading this then the Daily Nous website is working. Woohoo! As you can see, it looks a little different. (If it doesn’t, try a “hard reload” of the page.) There are still some kinks that need to be smoothed out, so please be patient. If you notice something isn’t working, it would be great if you could send me an email at [email protected] letting me know about it.

Here are a few of the main changes:

  • The new layout allows me greater flexibility in organizing the page. I can keep posts that are being heavily discussed near the top alongside newer content, or group related stories together.
  • You can now “like” posts and individual comments on posts.
  • Heap of Links now has its own spot on the page (currently in the right sidebar). Instead of occasional posts with around 10 links, H.o.L. will be updated with new worthwhile links as they come to my attention and as time permits.
  • New logo you can just stare at for hours.
  • Daily Nous now runs a small number of advertisements. If you are interested in advertising on the site, email me.

Here are some things that are not changing:

  • Daily Nous aims to provide news for and about current, former, and aspiring members of the philosophical profession. It has been called “the New York Times of philosophy” by a drunk friend but really I’m just providing some information and a space to discuss it. Let’s not get grandiose.
  • Sometimes Daily Nous tries to be funny. That’s a special service for both those readers who have a sense of humor and those readers who like to complain.
  • The comments policy is still in place. Check it.
  • You can help Daily Nous by sharing its posts, as well as by sending in news and information and links and post ideas and questions for the readership.

Thank you all for visiting Daily Nous and for reading and discussing the posts. It’s not perfect, but I like what we’ve got going on here, philosofriends.

UPDATE: I’ve received a lot of feedback today about the redesign, here and through private messages, and I’ve decided to quit. Kidding! Some of the suggestions were quite good, and I’ve already adopted a few of them. So, for example, even though the header on the new version takes up less vertical space than the old one the fact that the new awesome logo is not spread out across it gave the appearance otherwise, so I made it smaller. I’ve also made the comments typeface darker, and I may make some further adjustments to the typeface all around to improve readibility. I am also working on making sure that the recent comment links link back to their respective comments; that will get fixed, don’t worry. I think the squashing header is fun but I’m looking into getting it to squash sooner in one’s downwards scrolling, to satisfy those who cannot spare the extra half-second it takes to scroll another smidgen. Lastly, I am keeping the multiple columns format, at least for now. I realize it may take some getting used to; you can practice by reading other periodicals that make use of this unusual formatting choice, such as the NYT and the WSJ. In the meanwhile, revisions to the site continue.

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