Heap of Links

1. Martha Nussbaum (Chicago) is interviewed by Russ Roberts at EconTalk.
2. Chris LeBron (Yale) is interviewed at 3am Magazine on philosophy of race and “the struggle of humanity vs. humankind.”
3. Was Sartre indifferent to the slaughter of Jews? [Update: apparently this article was moved behind a paywall, so just below is a late addition to the heap:] 3a. Composer Scott Johnson’s latest work, “Mind Out of Matter,” features the words and voice of Daniel Dennett (Tufts). The chamber ensemble Alarm Will Sound will perform the piece as part of the Peak Performances Series this coming weekend at Montclair State University.
4. A philosopy major and bioethics MA from NYU is the “mostly vegetarian” owner of Happy Valley Meat Company.
5. Gabriele Contessa has restarted Yet Another Philosopher’s Blog and has a post on analytic philosophy by people for whom English is a second language.
6. An interview with Nancy Sherman (Georgetown) about doing philosophy with the military.
7. A conversation between two AI chatbots on love, beauty, identity… they’ve got a ways to go.
8. Philosophy’s Western bias and what can be done about it: here and here.
9. Jacques Derrida interviews Ornette Coleman (from 1997).
10. Cynicism 101: “as much an anti-philosophy as it is a philosophy.”
11. Armand Leroi, the biologist and author of The Lagoon: How Aristotle Invented Science, is interviewed on NPR’s On Point.
12. A theory about why academic writing is so awful.
13. Stoic parenting. (A “cover” of this.)

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