Can We Know Whether God Exists?

I don’t think the arguments for either theism or atheism lead to knowledge of their conclusions. But there are arguments on both sides from premises that someone might reasonably judge to be plausible. If you find it quite probable that God does not exist, I think it’s perfectly possible that you are reasonable to think as you do. But this doesn’t mean that someone who thinks it is likely that God does exist can’t likewise be reasonable in holding that position.

That’s Keith DeRose (Yale), interviewed by Gary Gutting (Notre Dame) in “The Stone” in the New York Times.  Alva Noë (Berkeley) responds to the interview in a piece at NPR, in which he says that “believing in God is more like believing that a story is true, or that a story is compelling or worthwhile or worth learning or caring about, than it is like believing some fact.”

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