AAAS Philosophy Report

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences has released a second version of its Humanities Departmental Survey, the aim of which is to “fill critical gaps in our knowledge about the state of the humanities in higher education; specifically, about the number of faculty and students in the field and the role of humanities departments in their institutions and society” in the United States.

Philosophy was not covered in the first version, but it has been added for the current one, which is based on 2012-2013 data. The Philosophy Report can be found here (table of linked contents here). 

Here are some findings from the survey, which received a 74% response rate (168 of 227 departments):

• 69% of philosophy faculty are tenured or on the tenure-track.
• 5,800 philosophy faculty are men, 2,030 are women.
• 9,850 bachelor’s degrees in philosophy were completed in the 2011-12 year.
• There are approximately 20,500 current philosophy majors.
• There are approximately 4,650 philosophy graduate students, 3,770 of which are in PhD programs.
• The instructor of record for undergraduate courses, on average, is a tenured or tenure-track professor 73% of the time.
• 24% of philosophy departments offer at least some “fully online” philosophy courses.

UPDATE: Inside Higher Ed summarizes some of the general findings for the humanities.

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