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[reporting from Boulder, CO]

The story about the University of Colorado beginning the steps of firing associate professor of philosophy David Barnett (previously) has been on the radio and television news here in Boulder.

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Here is some further info on the story:
· Some philosophy students have come to Barnett’s defense.
· Barnett will be challenging the decision by appealing to the university’s tenure and promotion committee, and in court if necessary, basing his case on “claims the university violated his First Amendment right to free speech and the Colorado statute that protects whistleblowers.”
· The alleged assailant was a philosophy instructor and doctoral student—not Barnett—who, it is claimed, sexually assaulted a fellow female graduate student in philosophy. He is no longer at the University of Colorado, but is a philosophy instructor at another institution.

UPDATE (8/8/2014): A video message from CU-Boulder Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano.

UPDATE 2 (8/8/2014): Two personal notes. First, I would like to thank the commentators on this thread for their thoughtful, careful, and fair-minded remarks and questions. I am grateful to have not had to do too much moderating at this thread, especially since—and this is the second note—I am currently attending the Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress at the University of Colorado and it is not easy to be a good conference citizen and attentive blog moderator at the same time. The conference, as usual, is terrific, but of course there is, understandably, quite a bit of sadness and concern stemming from this recent news and the other events in the department regarding the climate for women . There are a lot of good, well-meaning people who work and study here, and—full disclosure—I am friends with several of them. They take these problems very seriously, and are working hard, within the complicated and uncertain messiness of real life, to make their department a better place.

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