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June 2014

1. Heather Douglas (Waterloo) and others on how to fix Canadian science policy (audio here).
2. “Good luck idiots. I hope you enjoy your new kangaroo overlords,” said Machiavelli.
3. A continental philosopher complains about the “imperialistic approach of analytic philosophy.”
4. How confronting moral dilemmas in a foreign language makes you more utilitarian, in The New York Times.
5. Teaching a multi-religious philosophy of religion course to a multi-religious class in Beirut, “with car bombs detonating almost every week”.
6. John Martin Fischer’s Immortality Project, in Slate.
7. A brief for the philosophy of food, by Dwight Furrow (San Diego Mesa)
8. Genoveva Marti and Edouard Machery on reference and experimental philosophy at Philosophy TV.
9. John Locke is British MP Lisa Nandy’s favorite political philosopher. See her in a brief and somewhat cheesy modern made-for-tv interview about Locke’s ideas and life.


1. Churchland vs. McGinn in the New Your Review of Books.
2. The philosophy of mind of the Robocop remake? I’d buy that for a dollar.
3. The ethics of whistleblowing and state secrecy — a review essay by political theoriest William Scheuerman.
4. How do you know you’re not a zombie yourself?
5. “The emotional component of our moral judgment is not strictly based on a harmful act’s outcome” a recent finding from the Brown University Moral Psychology Research Lab.
6. Meanwhile, a team of philosophers at Case Western using fMRI claim to have “found that the human brain has an analytic network and an empathetic network that tend to suppress one another.”
7. Argentina has a National Thinking Office, and its strategic coordinator is a philosopher. Apparently both the appointment and the office are controversial.
8. Using teamwork to get ahead in academia.