How Much Do You Travel For Work?

Many philosophers travel for work, delivering talks or participating in conferences and the like. In deciding whether to attend another conference, or accept another invitation, one factor is whether one has traveled enough, or too much. But how much is that? While there will be a lot of personal factors involved in that assessment, let’s see if we can get a sense of the disciplinary norms about travel.

Check your CVs or your calendars for the past couple of years and post how many trips you typically take in one year. Don’t refrain from answering if your answer is “zero,” as that is relevant information. Anonymous comments are acceptable, but note that your comment may be more helpful if you also include:
– What kind of position you currently hold (tenured, tenure-track, visiting, adjunct, graduate student, etc.)?
– What kind of institution you are affiliated with (e.g., R1, elite R1, regional state school, SLAC, community college, etc.)?
– Do you have a travel budget, research budget, or other institutional funds that pay for most of your travel, when your host is not covering such costs, or is your work travel paid for mostly by you from your personal funds?
– Do you have children or other dependents?

(Feel free to suggest other relevant questions.)

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