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April 2014

1. The science of looking smarter.

2. Professors, you’ve been rated by your students, but have you been drawn?

3. Article on author Lucy Eyre, her philosophically-informed novel, If Minds Had Toes, and the value of teenagers studying philosophy (free registration required).

4. Raising a moral child.

5. An Italian philosopher who had been jailed for nine years for violating a fascist-era anti-gay law prohibiting what this article calls “plagiarism” (“in Italy a concept and a crime of unduly influencing and thus ‘stealing’ a person’s personality”–anyone know anything about this?) has died.

6. The program 360documentaries on ABC Radio (Australia) has an episode on the current state of artificial intelligence, including an interview with David Chalmers and a conversation with an android version of Philip K. Dick.

7. Also in radioland, there’s an upcoming call-in program this Monday with philosophy populizer Marietta McCarty on her new book, The Philosopher’s Table: How To Start Your Philosophy Dinner Club–Monthly Conversation, Music, and Recipes.

8. Chomsky vs. Smith: Chomsky “wins“.

9. Peter Stone reviews the latest collection of G.A. Cohen’s essays, Lectures on the History of Moral and Political Philosophy. It includes a great description of Cohen’s strengths as a philosopher from Jonathan Wolff’s “G.A. Cohen: a Memoir,” the final essay in the book.


Free Porn Studies

The inaugural issue of the academic journal Porn Studies is out, and it’s a big one, by which I mean it is a double issue. Not that size matters. The publisher, Taylor & Francis, has made the entire contents free to download, and after a cursory inspection I can report two things my readership probably wants to know: (1) it seems to be entirely SFW, and (2) it seems..


Mark LeBar (Ohio University) to Florida State

Mark LeBar, currently professor of philosophy at Ohio University, has accepted a senior appointment at Florida State University, beginning January 2015. Professor LeBar works in moral, social, and political philosophy, as well as ancient philosophy. 


Philosophy of Choking

Massimiliano Cappuccio, an assistant professor of philosophy at United Arab Emirates University, has received a grant for over $100,000 for “examining the theory of ‘the choking effect’ – when less experienced athletes crumble under pressure – and looking for ways to overcome this.” Details here.


Chang on Sexual Harassment in Philosophy

Ruth Chang (Rutgers) is interviewed at 3am Magazine. Apart from a good discussion of her work on incomparability, the interview also includes some thoughts from Chang on sexual harassment in philosophy. Here’s one excerpt:

It’s not that we have to blog about it or call up the victim, whomever we might believe him/her to be, but even casual remarks to colleagues in a ..