An Article and a Petition to the APA about Negotiations

Inside Higher Ed has some further commentary on W’s negotiation debacle (or maybe it is better characterized as “Nazareth’s negotiation debacle”). Also, Chad Kautzer (CU-Denver) has posted a petition asking the APA to publicly condemn the actions of the hiring committee of Nazareth College’s Philosophy Department” and “amend the APA Handbook on Placement Practices…to suggest guidelines for responses to counter-offers or when rescinding an offer might be appropriate.” For what it’s worth, it seems to me that while some parties at Nazareth may have acted unwisely (they did not seem to have much evidence for the conclusions they drew, though of course I don’t know the whole story), it is not clear we have sufficient grounds for condemning the hiring committee here. That said, I do think clarifying everyone’s expectations regarding the norms of negotiation would be useful.

UPDATE: And now the Wall Street Journal has an article on this.

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